Mattresses warranty

The hand-crafted mattress you just purchased was made with the best contemporary mattress-making techniques, using materials and methods that are friendly to man and the environment. Having confidence in the excellent manufacture of its mattresses and in the quality of the materials it uses, our company provides warranties for its products.


Mattresses with a 5-year warranty

The warranty covers the springs, the metal frame, as well as the filling and lining materials of all mattresses. Our company undertakes the repair or replacement of the mattress, at its discretion, with another of the same or a similar type, for the duration of the 5-year warranty, with the client not being required to pay for anything other than the transportation costs.


Mattresses with a 10-year warranty

After the 5-year period, the customer is required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair by a percentage of 30% until the seventh year, 60% until the eighth year and 80% until the tenth year.

NOTE: The warranty applies on condition that the instructions recommended by the manufacturer on the use and care of the mattress are complied with. The warranty does not cover damages caused through the fault of the buyer, such as improper use of the mattress, its placement on rough surfaces, unsuitable boards, folding, moisture, organic stains, ironing, etc. In such cases, after making arrangements with the buyer, our company undertakes to repair the mattress; however the repair and transport costs are incurred exclusively by the buyer.

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